About Us

Oh Yes! come let us tell you a little something about how Real People KS Radio got started. Are you ready! Let's go!!! :)

OK, so Real People KS Radio was born out of a vision from God in April 2022. Marlon and Sharon Christy our owners were having a conversation one night about ministry. They had a desire to use their gifts and talents to bring encouragement, healing, deliverance and Joy to the world. During their conversation the Holy Spirit spoke to them clearly. The idea of a radio station was born when Marlon mentioned that he was going to own a radio station, and immediately after that Sharon caught onto the vision; and excitedly exclaimed, as only she could; "OMG! you are absolutely right!" The Holy Spirit later confirmed when it was prophesied to Sharon that they were to be on radio.

So, let's get to the part about how the name "Real People KS radio" came alive. It was like this, after the idea was cemented in their minds they started to prayerfully brainstorm while having a lot of fun together to come up with a name. Marlon suggested "A Real People Radio" then they decided to drop the "A" and say Real People Radio instead, but in the midst of a prayer-play-storm Marlon heard the letters K.S., neither of the two knew what K.S. meant, so Sharon thought that it was the first letter of both their legal names since Marlon was actually named Kerry at birth. Then after much back and forth bantering between the two; Sharon heard very clearly in her spirit the words (Kingdom Solutions) at that very moment they both knew that this was God speaking. So herein began the story of "Real People KS Radio!"